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TERRAFREEZE Pain Relief Cream - Wake up Pain Free

A clinically proven cooling cream that provides pain relief in under 60 seconds. Most Commonly can be used for:

Roy R
Roy R
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Roy has seen results in 4 Days!
Great product! I used TerraFreeze to help relieve pain from a small rotator cuff tear that will not require surgery. After 4 days, I noticed much less pain and much better sleep.


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I have horrible joint and nerve pain that I try to avoid taking medications for. When I was offered TerraFreeze extra strength pain relief cream it appeared to be an answer to that problem. I have tried similar things at the store but they never worked very well. This stuff works much better than the brands I've tried in the past. There's no greasy residue and it smells pleasant. The pain relief seems to last at least a few hours. Over all will buy this in the future.

6 years ago
Amber H

I can’t believe how well this products works! I was really skeptical about it but I will admit when I am wrong, boy oh boy was I wrong. This stuff is worth its weight in gold. It works fast and was a life saver with my back pain. I don’t care for the strong smell but I don’t mind since it works so well.

6 years ago
Angie Gardner

This stuff works pretty well! I love the smell and it doesn't have a greasy feel to it. Within a few seconds after I rub it on I feel the cooling effect and it takes the pain away!

6 years ago