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The emu is one of the oldest animal species on the planet. The emu is the second biggest bird and cousin to the ostrich, the largest bird. The emu is considered far more established than the ostrich, going back no less than 80 million years and is a piece of the theropoda group of dinosaurs. The emu has a few one of kind highlights that no other living species has – from their exceptional feathers, where from every quill grows 2 narrow long feathers, to the dim green shade of their eggs. The most imperative exceptional property is the source of emu oil. The emu stores a sort of body fat that is fundamentally good fat. Emu fat is rich in poly and mono unsaturated fat that is high in Omega fatty-acids. The Emu is classified as a domesticated animal, rose for their healthy red meat. The fat is rendered to oil that is refined and purified to provide an odorless shelf stable life of 2 years and more.

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HOW YOUR SKIN RESPONDS TO EMU WHEN TOPICALLY APPLIED Your skin comprises of a few layers of dead cells (the epidermis) and layers of living skin cells (the dermis). The dead layers of your skin give water tight barriers averting most lotions, salves, creams and beauty care products from consistently entering your skin. Emu works in an unexpected way. In the deeper dermis layers of your skin, the skin cells have fat around them as a sustenance supply. The kind of fat in your skin is fundamentally good fat. The thing is that emu oil from the fat of the emu is so like what is in our skin that our skin can’t differentiate. This is why studies have proven that emu oil has transdermal characteristics (it can go through all layers of skin) and that’s why dry, malnourished and damaged skin reacts so quick to emu oil. Emu oil penetrates into the dermis deeply and acts like a secondary nourishment supply to skin cells that might be in need of nutrients, drying or damaged.
The re-disclosure of emu oil Emu oil and its many advantages are not a new revelation, yet a re-disclosure of an old solution. Modern Scientific studies in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia have proven that Emu oil is effective as an anti-inflammatory relief for pain, and recommended safe for burns and any skin issues. The starting points of emu oil initially being used as pharmaceutical goes back more than 4,000 years. The Aborigines of Australia are considered one of the oldest civilizations on earth. From the oldest cave drawings and records, the native aborigines loved the emu for giving sustenance and medicine. The fat of the emu has been used for wounds and burns for thousands of years. Records demonstrate for some illness, an emu would be butchered and the fat covered hide would be wrapped around the patient. Emu oil is still presently used in the medicinal field and recorded in the Australian book of pharmaceutical medications. The emu is such a critical piece of the Australian history that it is used on their crest. Emu oil is a proven transdermal and has high anti-inflammatory capacity. Emu oil can rapidly penetrate a few inches deep in the body and diminish the pain effectively. Emu oil is additionally a viable transdermal carrier that can carry other ingredients past the barrier layers of the skin.

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TERRAFREEZE PAIN RELIEF CREAM WITH EMU OIL AND ARNICA GEL FOR ENHANCED RELIEF AND HEALING This is why our TERRAFREEE Pain Relief Cream is even more effective than pure emu oil. In our breakthrough pain relief formula we use emu oil to alleviate pain and inflammation and carry other effective ingredients like Arnica Gel, Menthol, Methyl Salicylate, Histamine DHCI and MSM. Also included are Boswella Serratia, Turmeric Root Extract, Chamomile Extract and Ginger Root Extract. The combination of pain relievers in the joints and inflamed tissue will remove most pain in minutes.
HOW DOES TERRAFREEZE HELP TO ALLEVIATE ARTHRITIS SYMPTOMS? Arthritis is an inflammatory and degenerative disease that can affect any one of the many joints within the body. While it cannot be cured, arthritis symptoms can improve drastically with the topical application of TERRAFREEZE. This breakthrough pain relief cream formula helps to alleviate joint pain, tenderness, stiffness, and swelling for several key reasons: TERRAFREEZE is manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA approved to ensure product integrity and maximum potency. TERRAFREEZE is a strong OTC pain relief cream that works and will provide you with real relief. All of the most effective and safe ingredients that are clinically tested are combined to give you the best pain relief ever! TERRAFREEZE contains emu oil that has healthy antioxidants which have a potent anti-inflammatory effect and can reduce the inflammation present in arthritic joints. Not only that, it comes with Arnica Montana, a potent natural pain reliever, Boswella Serratia, Chamomile Oil, Turmeric Root Extract, Ginger Root Extract, Aloe Vera. It was made even powerful for having Menthol, Methyl Salicylate and Histamine HCI as active ingredients to ensure its maximum efficacy.

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PENETRATE THROUGH INFLAMED JOINTS WHERE IT’S NEEDED. This reduction in inflammation not only helps to relieve pain and stiffness, but can prevent further damage, preventing further scar tissue formation within the joints. By reducing swelling and tenderness of the joints and surrounding muscles, TERRAFREEZE can improve joint mobility and restore normal motion–translating to better performance during activities of daily life. To treat arthritis, a small amount of TERRAFREEZE should be massaged gently over sore joints and muscles at least two or three times per day for maximal effect.


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