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If you’re suffering from pain in your neck, back, shoulder, hips, legs, feet, ankles or knees, you are not alone. In fact, you are among more than 100 million Americans who suffer from these problems, many in silence, according to several studies.

You know how pain can affect your ability-and desire-to be active, perform basic functions and the great impact it has on your quality of life. But you may not know or have given much thought to all the ways your life is being affected by your pain. Affecting your job performance, your friendships, your family and your mental state.​

Unsettled by these findings and the astounding number of people that are affected by pain, Beyond Derma went to work and created a breakthrough formula that has people reclaiming their lives and raving about their new found quality of life.

The effects of Terrafreeze™ are dramatic and the results are rapid and build up over time with continual use. ***

A perfect blend of Science and Nature​

Nature blend terrafreeze

We have created a breakthrough formula from the extensive source of Nature. The result is a pain relief cream formulation that overcomes pain and delivers lasting results. Using advanced technologies and through intensive research, we have come to develop an ultimate pain relief cream that will conquer your pain and exceed your expectations.

safe and effective terrafreeze

All our ingredients are enriched with potent and safe ingredients. You can confidently use TERRAFREEZE™ knowing that every ingredient has been carefully selected for its premium quality and effectiveness.

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Our goal is to ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our product. We are so confident in the efficacy of the TERRAFREEZE™ that we guarantee you’ll experience pain relief within the first 24 hours of use.*** If we don’t meet or exceed your expectations, please contact us.

The Ultimate Pain Reliever

Proven safe, incredibly fast and absolutely fantastic TERRAFREEZE is the result, and we couldn’t be prouder of its track record.***

It’s like pressing a push button …. you just apply it directly onto where it hurts… So convenient you can use it anytime pain threatens, so you can keep pain from ruining your day.​

So fast acting, you may feel its effects faster than ever.​

So safe, you can use it every day—even multiple times per day. Your relief may get even greater with repeated use!​
Plus, when we launched the now-famous double-blind, human clinical study, we found TERRAFREEZE delivered TRIPLE THE RELIEF of a leading formula!​

And the best part is TERRAFREEZE can relieve pain virtually anywhere you hurt.​*** ​

Terrafreeze Doctors

APPLY IT TO WHERE IT HURTS,​ And TERRAFREEZE will do the best to make it better!​

From your nape to the tips of your fingers and toes, TERRAFREEZE works nearly anywhere and everywhere, on contact, as easy as pressing a button.

It feels fantastic from the instant you rub it on, stimulates your circulation immediately, and then proceeds to relieve your pain with unprecedented effectiveness.​
Just do what comes naturally and APPLY WHERE IT HURTS…​

You don’t have to wait for pills to work. As soon as your fingertips rub it in, you’ll feel it going to work, relieving your pain instantly!​*** ​

Pain Relief Cream


RUB IT WITH YOUR NECK with TERRAFREEZE for instant comfort!​
TERRAFREEZE rubs out stiffness in minutes, whenever your neck seizes up. It’s so quick and convenient!​

Banish your BACK PAIN…

When you feel it flaring up, don’t wait another minute to rub it on… TERRAFREEZE™ is so safe, you can use it multiple times per day.

Rub the lumps out of your ACHING SHOULDERS…

Or, if you want sighs of joy from a loved one, just massage a little TERRAFREEZE into her shoulders!​

Get relief from pains of ARTHRITIC KNUCKLES

It’s important to keep arthritic joints active, so activate them by applying TERRAFREEZE!​


You’ll flip for the flexible feeling you get from TERRAFREEZE!​


Because TERRAFREEZE can revive aching feet or sprains in minutes!​

The Secrets behind this breakthrough formula

  • EXTRA STRENGTH – Why settle for lower quality topical pain relief creams? TERRAFREEZE is manufactured in a GMP certified and FDA regulated facility to ensure product integrity and maximum potency.

  • TERRAFREEZE is a strong OTC pain relief cream that works and will provide you with real relief.

  • All of the most effective and safe ingredients that are clinically tested are combined to give you the best pain relief ever!

Yes, we have it all. And we spent years of research and clinical trials to give you the relief you are longing for.

Let’s take a look at them and see how they can alleviate your pain

Infographics Terrafreeze
Our guarantee

Our Guarantee

TERRAFREEZE™ must deliver all this for you, or you pay nothing:

  • TRIPLE THE RELIEF from pain of arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, backache, muscle discomfort or other conditions***, than any comparable pain relief product you’ve ever tried, plus…

  • TRIPLE THE IMPROVEMENT in range of motion that was previously constrained by your pain…

  • TRIPLE THE SATISFACTION in your new pain-free life as time goes by, with no diminishment of its amazing pain relief!

If you feel anything less than absolutely thrilled with TERRAFREEZE™, simply return the product within 90 days for a full refund. Plus, keep your FREE GIFTS! No questions asked! ​
Fair enough? Let us hear from you today!

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