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Aram V.

This product does everything at claims. I cannot live without it. It has given me so much help and I am so much thankful that I have found it. You will not be disappointed to give it a try. I keep supply on hand so I will not run out. Within seconds applying the product I instantly felt the relief!.



Terrafreeze™ contains not just one, but three active ingredients: Menthol, Methyl Salicylate and Histamine DHCI plus a proprietary blend of Arnica Montana and Emu Oil along with other potent botanical ingredients proven to work fast, giving you deep penetrating and soothing relief. This breakthrough formula came from thorough research and experimentation making it the most advance pain relief in the market today. ​


RUB IT WITH YOUR NECK with TERRAFREEZE for instant comfort!​
TERRAFREEZE rubs out stiffness in minutes, whenever your neck seizes up. It’s so quick and convenient!​

Banish your BACK PAIN…

When you feel it flaring up, don’t wait another minute to rub it on… TERRAFREEZE™ is so safe, you can use it multiple times per day.

Rub the lumps out of your ACHING SHOULDERS…

Or, if you want sighs of joy from a loved one, just massage a little TERRAFREEZE into her shoulders!​

Get relief from pains of ARTHRITIC KNUCKLES

It’s important to keep arthritic joints active, so activate them by applying TERRAFREEZE!​

You don’t have to wait for pills to work. As soon as your fingertips rub it in, you’ll feel it going to work, relieving your pain instantly!​*** ​

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