Finally found the best pain relief cream!

Found some extra strength pain relief cream that has instant effect. It works immediately for sore muscles, inflammation, arthritis and neck/back pain. It contains Emu oil and arnica for enhanced relief and healing. I found it to be much more effective than many of the brands I’ve tried in the past. A small amount goes […]

I really like it and will get some more!

Minimal odor (smells like Pepsodent toothpaste which I use and like) and has a great fluid creamy consistency. I immediately put some on my arm and could feel the warmth. It is a gradual heat that builds up and eventually the heat is felt way down into the muscle or joint. Never uncomfortable. The smell […]

Just Wow! Awesome Products

I’m always having shoulder spasms that let me in pain and able to do nothing, my husband work galloping horses and came home with hip pain we find in Terrafreeze pain relief cream the product we was looking for, it give us a greatly and fast relief to our respective pains. This cream has no […]

Best Products I Have Ever Used!

in these cold days it is very common that my knee hurts, due to a blow that I did a long time ago, eh passed by several times, but I did not find this, combined with arnica, thanks to it the pain disappears in a moment, I love.