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“My husband and I have arthritis and we actually thought that it’s something that we actually have to learn to live with. Until we discovered TerraFreeze. This cream is, so far, the best thing we have ever found for aches and pains, minor or serious. Regardless of what you have used in the past, you […]

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“I’ve been using TerraFreeze Pain Relief Cream for half a month now primarily in my left lower leg. TerraFreeze gives a considerable help to my ankle and different region when I apply it before work and I work 8 hours on my feet at a big box store. I’m also using it when I got […]

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“I have tried so many different products over the years and have found a few which have given me some relief. I tried TerraFreeze Pain Relief Cream and been using it for just over 2 weeks and am absolutely impressed! I have a chronic pain in my wrists, hands, neck and shoulders. My pain level […]


“I’ve been using Terrafreeze everyday for two weeks now, after my shower, on my knee down to my feet, my shoulders and neck. I have a severe foot pain for many years. A few days back my daughter asked how my feet were doing as I had not complained about them recently. That is when […]