The Top 10 Advantages of Daily Stretching

Written By Lucas Patel
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No matter who you are, you should stretch every day. It doesn’t even matter if you exercise regularly. Most people will say they don’t have time to stretch. But there are many easy ways to stretch that are fast and convenient for anyone to do. Best of all, you won’t have to use up too much of your time each day to do them. Meanwhile, you will enjoy the fabulous benefits that stretching has to offer.

Below is a list of the top 10 advantages of stretching each day.

1) Fixes your Posture

If you sit down for long periods each day, you are probably slouching without even realizing it. Fortunately, you can stretch for an hour per day and fix your misaligned posture from all these years of sitting. But it will take time and devotion to your daily stretching before you notice the results. So, do not give up.

When you stretch to fix your posture, you need to target specific muscles and areas of your body that need attention the most. If you want to align your spine better and alleviate back pains, then you need to stretch your lower back, pectoral muscles, and deltoid muscles.

2) Better Flexibility

Stretching will enhance your flexibility and range of motion. You will lower your risk of getting injured while making your overall physical performance much better. When the body has a higher range of motion, it does not need as much energy to perform similar movements. That is why you have less of a chance of getting injured from workouts and other activities.

3) More Energy

When you stretch, it eases tension in the muscles. It will also increase your alertness and make it easier to stay awake. People with tighter muscles tend to get sleepier. If you ever feel like this, stretch your body, and you’ll be surprised how much more awake you feel.

Each time you stretch your body, you inhale a lot of oxygen which helps you stay awake. Blood will also circulate to many critical organs in your body and supply them with oxygen, such as your brain. As a result, you will have better vitality throughout each day.

4) Better Blood Circulation

Stretching causes your muscles to receive more blood circulation. Your recovery time will be reduced when this happens, and your overall health will be better. Good blood circulation ensures that you have cell growth and enhanced organ functionality. Most importantly, you will have consistent blood pressure which will be better for your heart.

5) Better Outlook

Stress causes muscle tension, both of which can make you feel uncomfortable. What’s worse is your body and mind will endure the negative effects of this. But if you perform stretching exercises, it may reduce the level of stress that you feel.

Each morning you wake up, you should stretch. It will be the perfect way to boost your mind and body before you start your day. Your muscles will be more relaxed, and your blood circulation will be better. Also, your central nervous system will release endorphins to give you a sense of tranquility and ecstasy. If you want to get a better night’s sleep, stretch about 15 minutes before your bedtime.

6) Reduce the Chances of Injury

You will have better flexibility if you stretch regularly. Then your risk of obtaining certain injuries will be reduced, such as hamstring muscle strains and other acute injuries. You’ll also prevent IT Band syndrome and plantar fasciitis. Most people will stretch before they work out because flexible muscles are less likely to become injured.

7) Less Soreness

A lot of people who work out experience delayed onset muscle soreness. This is where you get sore muscles about 1 to 2 days after your workout. Experts believe this is due to small muscle tears. If you stretch before and after your workout, you will reduce this damage because you’ll boost the flow of nutrients and oxygen that your muscles need to heal.

8) More Stamina

Your muscles and tendons will loosen from stretching. You’ll also experience better blood flow and reduced muscle fatigue. When you exercise a lot, you burn a lot of calories which makes you tired.  But you can boost your endurance from stretching exercises because your blood and oxygen flow will increase. As a result, this will hinder the beginning of muscle fatigue.

9) Better Athletic Performance

If you perform a sporting activity where you need a lot of flexibility, such as swimming or gymnastics, you need to stretch regularly to be good at it. But even in sports which aren’t supposed to be about having good flexibility, you can still be good at them if you are flexible. Better flexibility will make your muscles healthier and prevent you from having injuries. Most importantly, you build strength because of your joint’s full range of motion. Then you will have an advantage over someone else who doesn’t have this ability.

10) Better Cholesterol

If you stretch regularly and practice a healthy diet, you will lower your level of cholesterol significantly. You may even stop your arteries from becoming hardened which will lower your chances of developing heart disease.

Lucas Patel is an avid writer for The Pain Free Insights Blog. With a wealth of experience, Lucas passionately cover practical tips and insights, to help effectively manage and overcome pain challenges. Away from the keyboard, Lucas seeks solace in outdoor adventures, the tranquility of hiking, and cherished moments with his two adopted feline companions.