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The Science of Natural Pain Relief

When you are in pain, you don’t just worry what will you do to alleviate the pain, you also worry about how effective and safe these pain relief are.

At Beyond Derma, we understand how pain affects one person’s life. We formulated this pain relief cream to get your pain in control and bring back the quality time your pain has taken from you.

Backed by science, TERRAFREEZE™ is created to work simply and effectively while dealing with the different kinds of pain. While most other pain relief cream currently on the market are offering 1-2 active pain relief ingredients, TerraFreeze™ contains 3 powerful pain relief active ingredients: Menthol, Methyl Salicylate and Histamine DHCI.

The result is a powerful but incredibly safe pain relief cream that includes a proprietary blend of Arnica Montana and Emu Oil and other botanical active ingredients in a natural base that has been clinically shown to relieve pain.

Beyond Derma is a family-run, socially responsible, independent company. We are committed in formulating safe, yet highly effective treatments that help others. We endeavor to be at the frontline – researching new and more effective ways to treat those suffering with painful conditions by creating programs that will improve our products.

TERRAFREEZE™ represents a genuine leap forward in topical anti-inflammation therapy. We dedicate ourselves in creating what we think is the world’s best pain relief cream and it’s working, and people are loving it as they are getting better.

The most exciting part is that our vision to help people to feel better has just started.

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