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What is Bunion?

A bunion is a deformity of the joint connecting the big toe to the foot. The big toe often bends towards the other toes and the joint becomes red and painful. The skin over the bunion may be red and sore.

Wearing tight, smaller shoes may cause bunions or aggravate them. Bunions can also develop because of an inherited structural defect, weight on your foot or a medical condition like arthritis.

Smaller bunions that develop on the joint of little toes are called bunionettes.

What are the Symptoms of a bunion?

The signs and symptoms of a bunion include:

  • A swelling big bump on the outside of the base of your big toe
  • Swelling, redness or soreness around your big toe joint
  • Corns or calluses — these frequently develop where the first and second toes overlap
  • Persistent and occasional pain on the area
  • Restricted mobility of the big toe if arthritis attacks the toe.
Symptoms of a Bunion
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These factors may expand your danger of bunions:

  • High heels. Wearing high heels pushes your toes into the front of your shoes, frequently swarming your toes.
  • Ill-fitting shoes. Individuals who wear shoes that are too tight, too narrow or too pointed are more prone to bunions
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis. This inflammatory condition can make you prone to bunions.
  • Heredity. The inclination to develop bunions may be because of an inherited structural foot defect.


Although bunions don’t generally cause problems, bunions are permanent unless surgically corrected. Possible complications include:

  • Bursitis. This painful condition happens when the small fluid-filled pads (bursa) that cushion bones, ligaments and muscles close to your joints become swollen.
  • Hammertoe. An abnormal bend that happens in the center joint of a toe, generally the toe next to the big toe, that can cause pain and pressure.
  • Metatarsalgia. This condition causes pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot.


To prevent bunions:

  • Be careful when choosing shoes. They must have a wide toe box — no pointy toes — and there should be space between the tip of your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Your shoes should adjust to the shape of your feet without forcing or squeezing any part of your foot.

Home Remedy for Bunions

Because bunions hurt and can cause problems with mobility, they require additional care. In the daytime they can rub, swell, and become irritated often leading to blisters or bursitis. During the night they can become painful from being on your feet all day.

Nonsurgical treatments that may relieve the pain and pressure of a bunion include:

  • Changing shoes
  • Bunion pads
  • Oral Medications
  • Shoe inserts
  • Applying Ice
  • Topical Creams

Because of the convenience and safety of using Topical Creams, it became the most sought-after solution for bunions. In choosing a topical cream for bunions it must have selected fine ingredients that can help relieve the pain and inflammation as well as moisturize the skin, because bunions often produce corns or calluses on the skin of the affected area.***

TERRAFREEZE Pain Relief Cream, the Ultimate Topical Solution for your Bunion

Terrafreeze™ pain relief cream has only high quality, natural ingredients that are proven to help reduce inflammation and pain while making the skin soft and hydrated. Terrafreeze™ was formulated and developed for the foot, calming your bunion while you rest as it conditions, moisturizes and helps in recuperating the skin of your feet. The advanced formulation of Terrafreeze™ may help rejuvenate and restore your skin from the harm caused by your bunions rubbing against footwear and may help reduce inflammation and recuperate faster.***

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Terrafreeze™ works by penetrating deep into the skin delivering the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties of its ingredients right where it is needed.

Aside from their analgesic properties, the active ingredients of Terrafreeze™ also act as vasodilators. When applied to the affected area it causes blood vessels to extend, which increases blood circulation in the area. This brings additional nutrients to the area and can help with cellular repair. Blood brings in new nutrients to repair the area and carries away toxic waste generated. Recuperating happens a lot faster because of this.***

Arnica is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain reduction properties. Arnica also contains thymol that stimulates blood circulation and healing. Arnica works by breaking up trapped fluid from bruised tissue, joints and muscles.

Emu works by penetrating through the skin’s stratum corneum barrier, allowing for easier absorption of ingredients that come with it, making it an excellent carrier for therapeutic remedies. Emu oil can also alleviate tormenting pain because of its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The powerful ingredients of Terrafreeze™ are formulated to work synergistically to give you immediate relief from pain and to aid in the recovery process. Terrafreeze™ improves the mobility and flexibility of the affected joint, nerves and muscles without side effects.

Our Guarantee

Now you can try Terrafreeze™ without any risk. Your pain is guaranteed to reduce or disappear shortly after your first application. To experience the long-term benefits of Terrafreeze™, continue to apply Terrafreeze™ daily, preferably twice a day. Use up the entire jar of Terrafreeze™ and watch your pain gradually and continually reduce or disappear altogether. If you’re not completely amazed with the results, simply return the jar within 90 days for a full refund. No questions asked.

Remember, with Terrafreeze™, you have nothing to lose but pain.

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