Cervical Osteoarthritis, what is it?

The term ‘cervical osteoarthritis’ also known as ‘cervical Spondylosis’ is not an easy term to comprehend. Before we delve into the actual description of this particular term, let’s start by defining and having a clear understanding of what exactly arthritis is first.

Arthritis, as a general rule, deals with anything that has to do with joints and inflammation in the body, usually accompanied by severe pain. There are many variations linked to arthritis, and usually, the joint injury or the inflammation related to arthritis can be caused by accidents that have occurred in the past, any type of sickness or illness; the most common cause is the overuse of joints, muscles and repetitive activity within our daily lives.

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There are many other symptoms that we can encounter and can cause arthritis; it can happen after a simple loss in weight, severe fatigue, a certain muscle pain. An important cause can be that moment when we lose the ability to move a certain way or when we lose the ability to use a certain part of our bodies; this can be a symptom of arthritis.

Moreover, it is well known that in the United States this particular disorder is the most frequent cause of disability.

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Osteoarthritis is the most recurrent form of arthritis

Since we now know the causes of arthritis, we can delve more into osteoarthritis. Indeed, this is the most frequently encountered form of arthritis, and we can call it in more simple terms ‘degenerative arthritis’. It has to do with the deterioration of joints and ligaments within the body. What exactly are the symptoms for this particular case? Some patients may feel a sort of rigidity within their body, along with joint and ligament pain. They feel that their joints are deteriorating little by little. The source of the pain can be very well genetic, but also it can be from a daily routine or a repetition of certain movements in the body. Nutrition can be a cause of osteoarthritis as well.

Unfortunately, if osteoarthritis is getting worse and if the pain continues to expand, it can affect the bones. Thus patients can see their muscles developing partial or regional atrophy.

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It is a widespread illness that is affecting more than 25 million people in the United States alone.

Cervical Osteoarthritis is also known as ‘neck arthritis’ as this is another common condition that affects directly the shoulders and the neck area. The patients may feel severe pain at the beginning of the day, just before starting their day, and again the pain will be felt at the end of the day, right before sleeping. However, in some cases, after a good night rest, the pain can subside.

Neck Arthritis/degenerative arthritis condition is not easy to treat, and the symptoms may persist for a lifetime, nonetheless we can reduce the degree of the pain simply by changing our daily routine, choosing a healthier physical activity that will help the affected area, bringing more awareness to that part of the body, more stretching, more relaxation.


If the pain is severe, there are great natural options such as supplements and topical pain relief creams that have been found to help pain relief for many people affected by Arthritis pain. It’s important to choose a remedy that preferably is made with all natural ingredients that will reduce the inflammation, increase mobility and get you moving without pain.

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