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Simple and Effective Solutions to Foot Pain

Let’s discuss pain, more specifically, foot pain, a condition that affects 75 percent of the Unites States population. Also, we’ll explain the most frequent causes of foot pain and provide some information on treatments that can help improve and even diminish the pain through at home self-care practices and routines.

Alternative treatments such as stretching and massage combined with various natural foot pain relief products can be the solution for many cases of a foot injury or foot pain without the use of prescription drugs or NSAID’s. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAID’s, like Advil and Ibuprofen for many years, have been a popular choice for pain relief, but that is quickly changing as more information becomes available about the negative side effects they have on the body. Treatments that focus on a more natural approach are quickly gaining popularity and for a good reason.

And this is exactly what we are going to focus on, in more detail below.

Keeping your foot relaxed while stretching

As mentioned before, stretching is an important element that helps prevent and sometimes treat foot and ankles injuries.

Moreover, various types of foot stretches can address specific muscles or ligaments within the foot. Sometimes simple stretches integrated into a daily routine can help ease the pain; it does not have to be complex or strenuous for the body.

Here you have a simple stretching exercise that will have a big impact for foot pain release: Seated/ or standing, start with gently flexing and extending the foot, pointing your toes out in front of you, feeling the stretch coming from your knee, down towards your shins, reaching towards the ankle and top of the foot. Follow this by pointing your toes and foot inward and up. Try to hold this for 20 seconds feeling the stretch in your Achilles tendon and calf area. Repeat while watching your favorite tv show or reading a magazine, it’ll make it that much more enjoyable.

Foam Roller Inspiration

If you want to give extra care to your muscles, the foam roller will be your best friend. By using the foam roller for your lower leg, ankles, top/bottom of the foot, this will help release any tension accumulated in the foot muscles. Foam rolling in this way can ease the pain in your feet and improve the circulation within your whole body while relaxing any muscle tension accumulated throughout the day.

Create a ‘Frozen Roller’ using a Water Bottle

Instead of throwing away your water bottle, keep it for a soothing pain relief remedy. Simply place into the freezer a small water bottle filled with water and once frozen use it whenever you feel discomfort or pain. Place the bottle on the floor and under the arch of your foot, apply a couple of rolling movements. The ice will help reduce any tension, inflammation; also, the rigidity lines of the bottle will help by massaging the foot. A nice tip that can come in handy for those heavy days at work or simply when you feel pain in the foot; and especially for plantar fasciitis, which is one of the most frequent causes of heel pain. It incorporates the benefits of rolling out your foot to reduce pain and the benefits that ice has in reducing inflammation and pain.

Give yourself a Foot Massage using a Lacrosse Ball or Golf Ball

If your foot is feeling tense and you could use a massage, a lacrosse ball could do be your solution. The simple action of rolling your foot over the hard surface of the ball can have incredible benefits like helping to stretch the muscles in your foot arch and throughout the bottom of your foot. If this is not enough and you would like a solution that goes deeper into the muscles of the foot, use a golf ball; since it is smaller and more rigid. If you are trying to access the arch of the foot to release any tension or pain, both lacrosse and golf balls will help you provide more ease.

As a side note, after your foot massage using a basic lacrosse or golf ball, please make sure you are placing your feet on a pillow to relax the foot and help get the circulation moving faster.

Natural Relief Creams

As mentioned before, massage is an important element to help release tension within the foot, along with ice treatment and stretching. However, for severe pain, you may find more relief with a topical pain relief product, like TERRAFREEZE™. This helps by reducing any inflammation or stiffness in the foot and surrounding areas.

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